Benefits of Active Transportation in the Summer

This month we want to take advantage of the warm weather to get out and be active. The best part of taking different methods of transportation is also being active simultaneously. Instead of hopping on a motorized vehicle, think of going for a walk, run, or bike ride to take advantage of the extended hours of daylight.  

There is multiple benefits to having active transportation as part of your routine of navigating your community.  

There are some benefits to consider when utilizing active transportation: 

Health benefits are an important factor. Going out for a walk, run, or bike ride can be helpful for your cardiovascular health. This can also aid in reducing heart disease in general. Another aspect of one’s health that can benefit from active transportation is mental health. To get outside and enjoy the fresh air is always beneficial to one’s mental health.  

Economic benefits are a monumental factor that we all take into consideration when we want to navigate through our daily commutes. You can always calculate ahead of time to see what the most cost-effective methods can produce for mobility. Especially, when going for a walk or run outside it is significantly cost effective of investing in some walking shoes that can offer support for your feet. Even investing in a bicycle could be worthwhile since it is easy to operate. Another option that can help you enhance your savings is using Capital Bikeshare.  

Here is a breakdown of Capital Bikeshare pricing: 

Single Trip 


$0.05/min for a classic bike ride and $0.15/min for an e-bike. 

24-Hour Pass 


Annual Membership 


Hopefully some of these benefits will help you get outside and ready to get active for the rest of the Summer! If you have questions regarding how to get around your community, please reach out to the McLean Crossing Connect team at We hope you enjoy the outdoors and partake in getting active to be a benefit for yourself and your community! 

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